Friday, January 18, 2013

In That Dream Moving Slow Through the Morning Light...


Winter's here. It's been very cold this past week. Well, except for today, where it was in the 50's! But it's still cold in the mornings. I drink cups and cups of tea in my classroom in an effort to stay warm before school starts and the heat kicks on. 

Lucky for me I have a brand new coat to keep me warm. Down, on sale, from Land's End. Warmer than any of my husband's coats so finally I'm the one turning the heat down in the car when we are on our way to places!






(Yes, it is true. These are the only jeans I own. I own four pairs of them.)
Shoes: Anthro



rachel said...

Your coat looks so WARM! I am in about 6 layers *inside* and it's still cold. Need,clearly.
Also I just have to say I love the shoes you're wearing here, they are so cute!

Alma said...

nice look! love the shoes! xo, Alma

Katie said...

Nice outfit, very cosy looking. Great photos too!
Followed, would you mind checking out my blog?
Katie xx

Cecilia said...

I really love those shoes!