Friday, November 30, 2012

Small Bits of Wisdom

This much I know is true: It is not about what you have in hand at the end. It is about the things you do to get there, the string of choices you make, the cultivated life. Even after you leave things behind in the dust, when they are a tiny speck of a memory in the corner of your brain you will carry that movement with you into the future in the memory of your bones and muscles and synapses. 

Difficulty teaches you resilience. Need teaches you gratitude. Failure teaches you patience. 

(Sometimes I just like to dance. Don't tell my former dance teachers!)

"I’ll leave you with two pieces of advice: Choose to struggle with something — we live in a culture of the quick and easy and it has made us impatient and lazy. When you commit to something that takes work and see it through to the end, it will develop you as much as you develop it. Second, invest in art — I am not just suggesting my art, but any art that you like. We are a society that looks at everything and beholds nothing. Good art is something to behold and will bring you a sense of peace and stillness in a world in constant motion." - Jake Weidmann

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We Are the Reckless...


Paper writing today for grad school. I always like to wear impractical shoes when I write papers and these shoes are pretty impractical. It makes sense to me - I basically walk from the car to the coffee shop, from the counter to my table a few times, and most of the four or five hours I just sit there, clacking away at whatever I'm supposed to be writing.



I caught these pictures just before I went out to write my paper. Today's paper is a research paper on whether or not literacy coaching is effective. The results were unexpected (which I like) and interesting (which is an added bonus). It'll make a good narrative. I actually like writing papers, strange enough. It's meditative work for me. It's a very different job than my day job - teaching. 

_MG_8391 1

Sometimes I sort of regret not going 100% academic when it came to grad school because I missed out on both collegiate cycling and being a full time grad student and all the tweed and bookbags and morning coffees and crisp fall air and the fun new school supplies that come with being an academic but I'm hoping I can do that when it comes to my Ph.D. 


I've been listening to Daughter lately. Youth is my favorite of her four song EP. 

I think I'm responsible for about a quarter of the 5 million plays on this song. 


PS: Happy Thanksgiving, for those of you stateside. I'm thankful for so many things. 

Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Jacket: Unknown
Tank Top: Gap
Necklace: Forever 21 (robot) and Gatlinburg Artist Collective (Hemlock)
Jeans: j. crew
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Denver Debutant

Early 1960's Ball Gown

While I was in Kansas City this summer my lovely friend took me to this fantastic vintage store. When I tried on this particular over the top gown I felt a bit like a debutant. Which, of course, in my book is a good feeling because in my brain one should always feel like a debutant. 

Early 1960's Ball Gown

I still have no idea where I'm actually going to wear this dress but it's been added to my collection of largely impractical dresses. I have dreams of a spring season ballet or a trip to the symphony with other friends who still enjoy playing dress up.

Early 1960's Ball Gown

Luckily my amazing friend Jessica offered to take pictures of this dress and gave me a reason to wear this dress, do up my hair, and twirl around Denver for an afternoon. Jessica takes pictures with the Heartflip Collective. You can check out her other work here. 

Early 1960's Ball Gown

Early 1960's Ball Gown

Early 1960's Ball Gown

Early 1960's Ball Gown

Early 1960's Ball Gown

Early 1960's Ball Gown

Early 1960's Ball Gown

Early 1960's Ball Gown

Early 1960's Ball Gown

All pictures in this post by Jessica Triggs. She's amazing!