Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Home: Living room


This is my living room - huge and airy and full of things I love.


Sometimes, when I feel like it, I push the furniture against the walls, roll up the rug, put on my pointe shoes and dance on the hardwood floors. 


Other times it becomes a gym or a yoga studio or a recording studio or a space to practice music. 


_MG_9169 1



I love the natural sunlight and the high arched ceiling. 




  1. Your living room is beautiful! I love your desk and bookshelf - so lovely! I have the very same marble coffee table but with a black marble top! We love ours...I had planned to turn it into an ottoman/bench but got it home and couldn't bring myself to remove the marble. :)

  2. I usually don't like white, but I love the way you furnished your living room. The turntable, the map, the bookcase, the vintage decoration, it all fits together very well. I also appreciate the spaciousness, it provides inspiration to finally clean up my living room.