Friday, April 06, 2012

And then Santa Fe...


We headed down to Santa Fe again last weekend. We ate more green chili and looked around the city a bit. 




We attempted to hike the Rio Grande but the path I took down last time no longer exists because a rock fall took the trail out. 



We left early on Sunday and wound our way back up to Denver with a stop at my favorite national park, Great Sand Dunes. 

This time we knew better than to take our camera into the dunes - the fine sand gets everywhere in it and you end up spending hours disassembling and cleaning it.


All in all another successful weekend trip. 

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  1. Hi Elizabeth. I'm Veronica Felix. Pleased to meet you. And mostly, pleased to know of your blog. Thank You. :) I have been following your blog ever since I knew it existed back when you were part of Fallene's fashion show. She was my hair dresser for years. You are lovely. You inspire me. Again, thanks :)