Monday, April 16, 2012

And the sum of it...

Update: After much thought and consideration and conversations with people, beautiful and worried emails, phone calls, texts, facebook messages of support, and comments left here I've decided that maybe I will go on blogging.

I'm going to work on keeping the blog a little more distant from my personal life - expect more fanciful photo shoots of clothing and old items, perhaps some room tours, and less about my family and relationships offline. I need to really work to protect them and guard them and when I feature them on this blog I am projecting an image that they don't always feel they can live up to. That's not fair of me.

But it's also not fair to ask me to give this up completely as well, for all the reasons outlined below.


I've had this blog up and running for over four hundred posts. I've really appreciated what this blog has allowed me to do - document the very best, the most perfect parts of my life.

It's not all like that, though. There are screaming matches in the kitchen with JR sometimes. Our cats shed and claw up everything. Our house is a wreck most of the time. My clothes don't always match and sometimes I smell bad or look frumpy. I crash or my mascara runs.

And it's okay to not be perfect. No blogger is. I know behind the photos that they take there are probably another fifteen that get rejected. Behind the perfectly cooked meal plated wonderfully on matching or artfully mismatched china are a dozen failed recipes or burnt things or fallen souffl├ęs.

I thought the idea of archiving the perfect would, in a way, help me see the world in a better light. Understand that there are glimpses of calm and comfort and glory in a chaotic, stressful, careless world, save them up and savor them.

But not everyone sees it like that. Some people see it as a staged effort to live some sort of perfect life for other reasons, like a reason to be stressed out when things go wrong, because it doesn't match up to the things here.

But it's not true. I was just saving the very best. I was jealously guarding what I thought was comfort.

But until that is clearly understood I can't continue to post.

Hopefully this is resolved soon but until then...

Elizabeth (who continues to live, and live, and live. Don't you worry!)


  1. aw lady :( i love your blog. and i am sad that someone(s) has made you feel badly for it. i think there is an understanding in the blog world that you are saving the *best* of your life for the pictures in your blog, no? and if people don't recognize that they are just being silly.

  2. I agree with 'linds-e'. Keep your head up, pretty. Still capture the lovely moments of life and savor them. Even if not for your readers, but for YOU. Hold on to them and document them and save them...for YOU. You'll be happy for it years from now and you'll love reading and re-reading lovely memories that your mind can't easily find on its own.

  3. Hi there!
    I really like your blog too - and I really like that you're showing the best things. It's commonly understood that not _everything_ is shown, and why would you? It's not a running record about everything in your life, just the things you like to share, and the things you like to show to the world. I like reading your blog just because of that!

    //Aliwa from G*

  4. Hey Elizabeth, have you seen this blog? I absolutely love what she says about "being real" online. It's so refreshing. I hate blogs that feel they have to share all and get annoyed with others who feel they just want to share the nicer bits of life. That's always been my goal of blogging anyway. Why share all the rotten times? We deal with those enough as it is. Why can't there be a place that is calm and pleasing? Anyway, here is the post if you care to read!