Friday, April 13, 2012

All Quiet...

It's so quiet here because I'm busy riding bikes. 

I added this Yeti to my fleet and I've been spending some quality time riding around on it. 

I sold my mountain bike last year saying there was a Yeti with my name on it out there...and sure enough there was, literally.

My husband had these little decals made with the Colorado flag and my name for each of my bikes. Sweetest little gift ever. Now each of my bikes is personalized and you'll never get them mixed up with anyone else's Pinarello, Ridley, or Yeti. 

Schwinifred doesn't get a name sticker, poor girl. 

In other news while riding that mountain bike I ran across this guy on the trails. 

I had never before seen a mountain biking unicyclist in the flesh. I had heard of them before but spotting this guy was like spotting a unicorn. 


  1. Mountain biking unicyclist? WHAT. That seems awfully dangerous, yet incredibly badass? I'd like to be his friend, he seems like a cool guy, my goodness!

  2. Great photo, Elizabeth. Wow. What lens were you using? Tell me tomorrow :)

  3. A mountain biking unicyclist! thats so cool!! didn't heard of it before now :)