Thursday, March 29, 2012

Simplicity 2511 - A 1958 Casual Blouse


The kimono sleeved blouse's description on the back of the package describes it as "simple to make." They were not incorrect in this assumption! It really has been one of the easiest things I've put together in the last two years.


 It went together in under four hours, it would probably be closer to three except I had to stop and make pancakes for breakfast today. 


I actually followed the directions for this and was surprised to find out how much I like finishing the sleeves, collar, and bottom hem with bias binding. It really gives a clean seam when you flip, iron, and sew it and it makes the inside of the blouse look really neat and tidy, too. 



  1. You find the coolest things ever, I swear. And that turned out really cool!

  2. Really pretty. Well done!
    Can I have an apron to take with me everywhere? I'll pay for shipping!

  3. Thanks for saying hi on my blog! How fun to take an old pattern and make something new. It turned out great - love the little bows :) <3

  4. Beautiful... can't say anything but this!!!