Monday, March 26, 2012

Little Mysteries

I found a calling card once while flea marketing. I bought it for a dollar and brought it home. I pinned it up and forgot about it until I started moving things around to spring clean. I decided to google the name on the calling card and turnes out Charles was at one point the postmaster of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Little mysteries like that are half the fun of unearthing bits of paper from bygone eras. 


Antique paper clutter is the only type of clutter I like. 



I'm busy spring cleaning. I'm up to my elbows in suds and murphy's oil soap. Furniture is being re-arranged. I threw the living room rug over the clothesline and beat it with a tennis racket. I moved all the furniture and washed the entire living room floor. I took lemon oil to the old built ins and scratch cover to any of the nicks on it. 


I only do this once a year because it is really quite a taxing job to do such a thorough cleaning. I make sure that I only clean a few hours in the morning and I do relaxing things in the afternoon. On Saturday I cleaned in the morning and then made my way up to Louisville, Co. 


Louisville is one of those sleepy towns that probably sprang up by a railroad depot as is cut in two by a railroad that still rattles it's residents awake every few hours. 


My friend Isabelle was selling her gorgeous macaroons up there and I figured it would be a good time to drive up, say hello, and explore the town.




  1. That looks like SUCH a dreamy tree! And your friends food looks delicious! Chocolate AND mango? GENIUS!

  2. Cute post... fantastic photos!!!