Monday, March 05, 2012

I answer quite frankly, when they stop building roads...

These past two weeks I've been busy being deliberate in my happiness. 


What a difference it's made. The house is more peaceful, my husband is more amiable and agreeable. I sleep better. 

This week is Denver Restaurant Week. My husband and I love this week because we get to take advantage of some of the restaurants that we typically can't afford. I also take the opportunity to dress up in one little black dress after another (I have about four).


Over dinner, tucked in the back room of a cozy bistro here in Denver we talked about all of our dreams and whether or not there is room for happiness when you are contemplating all the sorrows of the world. 

At the end of the night we decided there was room for happiness, and even more than that, that if you need to firmly see and fix and work towards fixing the problems of the world it is best that you are happy. When you hold happiness and mindfulness together your happiness will comprise not just of happiness, but of forgiveness, love, grace, compassion, patience and it will be a complex shade, gossamer even, changing in the light of different things. You will become much more able to approach the problems because you know that if you want to be happy you must forgive. To preserve it you must have patience and let things run their course. You will give grace undeserving because in doing so you are coercing your happiness out of the cover of bitterness and injury. 

So in light of Syria, which weighs so heavily on my heart, in light of the grief that never seems to completely leave, in light of the impending instability and poverty of our small lives I chose to give reverence to the sorrow by covering it in happiness. 


  1. i love the pleats and the cut of your dress, so charming; enjoy restaurant week!

  2. beautiful post and you are so right! xo

  3. Everything about this post is just stunning. I love your blog! (mohawk)