Friday, February 03, 2012

Snow day, snow day

My wish last night came true. About thirty seconds after I posted the blog the district website stated we were going to have a snow day. Both JR and I were off and at home all day. 

And what else is there to do during a snow day but read


and read while drinking tea



and smile at the beautiful flowers JR got me as they open up and settle in



and begin to look like watercolor paintings. 



  1. The flowers are like a beautiful dream. Good for Jon for getting them for you. And good for you for sharing the beauty and pleasure with us. Thanks to you both.

  2. beautiful photos and I'm extremely jealous of your snow day


  3. That second picture is so dreamy! Such a strange thing to point out-- but I love the colors of the walls! The design of your house is so lovely, and it just seems so *home-y* and I'd love to have such a lovely window in such a nice-looking place!

    Sorry. I just stared at the brown mucky walls of the kitchen/living room and felt this strange choked up feeling.

    Maybe lovely flowers like yours would help!

  4. beautiful photos! sounds like a perfect day! Thank you for the ultra sweet comment, it truly made me smile to read it!

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  6. Beautiful photos - your photography is inspiring. x