Sunday, February 05, 2012

Please Operator, Get Me No Man's Land


I have a whole stack of Downton Abbey era sheet music. The earliest one is from the 1890's and the newest ones are from about 1919. They were owned by a woman named Gertrude who painstakingly dated them all with her black fountain pen. 



They are popular hits - lots of love songs, some general ragtime hits about the collegiate life or afternoon excursions, and of course those awful, beautiful ones that are written during wars. 


They were tucked away under the typewriter below my nightstand. They were just gathering dust but I'm glad I remembered I had them so I could look at them once more and try to sing their melodies. 


When I hold things that old I always imagine what the person holding them felt. Did my friend with the fountain pen sing them in the evenings with her family or friends? Was she a farm girl? I think so because they were all purchased at a music store in Kewaunee, WI, which was the same tiny farming town my Grandpa grew up in.


 Did she have someone to sing a duet with on the love songs or was he away fighting a war? I'll never know.

Many things come to me with a story - when I am given something the person giving it to me will know that I hold the story in my heart and the object in my house so many things have come my way. 



But these ones,  they came quietly, handed to me because I simply love all that is old. 


Shirt: Lands' End 
Jeans: j. crew
Socks: wigwam 

The headband is actually a necklace that my lovely in-laws gave me for Christmas. There is an artist that travels the world and collects plants and then casts them in different metals. I am very sad that I lost the business card that came with it so I can't point you to the source especially because it's my absolute favorite necklace that I own right now. If you know who I'm talking about please leave a comment or email me so I can link to him as well as convince my husband to buy me another piece or two! 


  1. I swear, your house is like Mary Poppins' bag, full of magic old things that are all just so perfect that keep popping out. And that headband/necklace is beautiful!

    Everything is so magical, my goodness.

  2. that is a pretty cute head band/necklace and it's nice that you can get two uses from the one piece! you seem to have a very interesting house if you're uncovering such treasures! thanks for dropping by my blog too! xx

  3. Loved your headband-necklace. It is beautiful!

    Andrea Desde el TrĂ³pico

  4. Your in-laws have great taste!

  5. I love the headband idea!!!

  6. you look so pretty :)

  7. LOVE your outfit! and that necklace/headband is precious! it totally matches your hair.