Friday, January 13, 2012

What's in your dance bag?

I've always loved peeking into other people's purses and handbags - what do they carry that makes them awesome? Do they constantly lug around a journal or tiny pad of paper? Do they lose lipsticks in the bottom of their purse? What type of cell phone do they use and do they have a fun case?

Unfortunately, you are out of luck when it comes to any purse of mine since I reload and unload my purse every morning and evening. Most of the time I just carry a wallet but as I was contemplating this tonight I realized that I do have one bag that's packed and steady - my dance bag.


I would, by now, consider myself a lifelong student of ballet since I have taken ballet classes on and off since my late teens. I fell in love with it as a child but never had the opportunity to do it intensively as a child so when I got to college I poured myself into it. At one point I was dancing 18 hours a week on top of a full course load! Guess what? I got straight A's that semester. Dance, like cycling does for my husband, helps me find equilibrium. 


Now, as a not so serious adult I take classes here and there, mostly in the cycling off season as time and money permit. No matter what though, I have my dance bag packed up and ready to head to a class if I need it. 


(p.s. Don't worry! I'm not actively using the pointe shoes these days...I need about six months of 3x a week dance classes to get there in the shape I'm in. Also, this isn't everything but I thought it would be less boring if I didn't show all ten pairs of spare/ruined tights to throw out and the extra sweaters and street clothes that have been hiding out in my dance bag for far too long! I actually found my favorite pair of sunglasses lurking in the depths of it not too long ago)



  1. My "suitcase" bag is packed full of running clothes....tights, shorts, skirts, short sleeve, long sleeve, socks, hair bands, ear bands, gloves, tank tops, more socks, hats, jackets, water bottles and my shoes. Running for me is when everything is right in the world.

  2. nice. xx

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  3. Ballet dancing? Wow :) Yet it must be painful. I'm so full of respect.

  4. I didn't know you danced too! That's fantastic - I love that bodysuit by the way, what brand is it/where did you get it from?


  5. Loved this post - must be my fascination and respect for dancers :)