Sunday, January 15, 2012

At the Confluence

Denver sits on a confluence. It is the place where gold was first discovered, and subsequently the city of Denver built up around it. 


Two rivers, the South Platte and Cherry Creek converge into one. They meet gracefully, the join seamless and calm except in early spring when the water rages all the way down the mountains and continues to roar it's way, white and foaming, into the city. 


It's then you see the kayakers doing short runs in Confluence Park's little kayak run on warm days after they get out of work. 

Right now, in the dead of winter, even the kayak run seems calm. The sun is out but it's still a little chilly and the water is low, fast, icy and calm. 


Jacket: Pearl Izumi
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Those are actually my compression tights that I'm trying to pass off as leggings - I wear them after long rides and sometimes I just work them into my wardrobe as leggings instead of wearing them under pants. 
Striped Socks: Castelli 
Boots: Steve Madden

(One of the dangers of having a significant other that works at a bike shop is that you wander around the store and go "I want one of those...and one of those...and one of those" and suddenly you're blogging your compression tights and cycling socks and jackets because you own a lot of those pieces!) 


  1. GORGEOUS! thanks for your comment on my blog, i follow u now! Follow back? :D

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  3. Thank you very much for your comment:) I really like this outfit by the way, especially the boots and the ribbon... details are everything!

  4. You look really cute!!