Wednesday, December 21, 2011

East Coast Home

My in-laws live just outside Philadelphia, PA. 


Sometime over the summer I realized that they live mere miles away from the home of one of my favorite authors, Grace Livingston Hill. My father in law and husband were kind enough to drive me over there. 

The house isn't marked by a plaque or anything and she's fallen out of favor with most readers, but we found the house and snapped a few pictures in front of it (stalker much?). 


Seeing her house, which she specifically designed for herself, helped open up a lot of ideas about the way she talks about homes. She details the stone home, the porticos, the doors that open to gardens, and there, on the left you might be able to see a turret. 


That's where Grace wrote all her books.  


(I should mention that Grace passed away over a half a century ago - the house has changed hands several times since then.) 


  1. Beautiful old home! I have to admit, I googled GLH and her website says several of her books will be reissued in 2012.

  2. Amazing house. Would like one like that but scaled down for size. Thanks for posting.