Sunday, December 04, 2011

Dress, the Second

Second of three from the winter storm evening gown photo shoot. After the first photo shoot I decided I wasn't going to do the barefoot thing! For those who asked: yes, my feet were very cold! I had my boots just off camera so I was running in and out of them, posing for ten pictures, and then going back to the boots. I only took thirty frames of the white dress so I have to say it's one of the fastest photo shoots I've ever gotten!


It was snowing the hardest during this one so you can really see the snow flakes coming down! They were harsh and fast, not fluffy at all! Luckily the coat I'm wearing is my warmest coat, I nixed the barefoot thing and I was just a few steps outside my warm house. That blue dress is stunning - the cut is perfect, the fabric is luxurious and the color is incredible. Also, I find this one isn't too over the top and very wearable.

IMG_6097 1IMG_6094

Lucky for you the dress is up in the shop here.


  1. I CANNOT get over how wonderful these photos are and the dresses. SO PRETTY


  2. I love the color of that dress!!! It's great you braved through the snow and cold for these lovely pictures!!