Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cyclocross Weekend.

I generally find it very difficult to post pictures of myself racing bikes because I look like I'm suffering...which I am. I am well aware that pictures of me hurting while racing have no place on the internet.


I raced again yesterday - it was my second cyclocross race. It was no less graceful than my first and I ended up rolling to almost a dead stop while trying to mount and dismount my bike during the barriers. I didn't crash this time, though, even though I did come in 4th to last again.


Magically, my husband was able to come up with two pictures of me where I look like I'm only suffering a little so now I can show you what I look like when I'm racing.


I can also show you that my bike is the bike du jour at cross races...

After the race JR and I grabbed ice cream and then drove up Boulder Canyon to look at the aspens and the fall colors.


We stopped at Boulder Falls and then continued up the canyon.


It took my breath away to see the aspens glowing and quivering in the evening sun.


Autumn is indeed a last lovely kiss before the cold stillness of winter


  1. Gorgeous photos. I want to move to Colorado!

  2. LOVE these photos! I love reading about your beautiful life!