Sunday, October 30, 2011


I was feeling the 1950's beauty queen vibe that day...and since there was no sand involved that day it seemed perfectly natural to pair this vintage floral swimsuit with a pair of yellow peep toe heals.


There's something magical about this swimsuit. It has the most structure and least amount of give as it's made out of heavy cotton, fully lined and boned. To allow for some movement there are two smocked panels that sit right below my shoulder blades. It does a fantastic job of keeping everything where it needs to be and showing off my best assets and hiding my worst ones so it's become my favorite swimsuit for social swimming.


I don't do any serious swimming in this suit but I sure do some serious posing and floating around the pool!


Room service came to our room one day and set up a fantastic breakfast.





Cut fruit, yogurt, an omlette with small, spicy peppers and cheese, and tamales. Yum!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fine weather for the beach...

For a minute there my friends and I were able to put our fall and winter jackets away...


Early this year my friend masterminded a girls trip to Mexico and this was the week we were set to go. We flew south and landed in a magical wonderland full of blooming bougainvillea bushes, pristine swimming pools, warm ocean waves, and every need or want attended to...



The resort itself was gorgeous. We stayed at Casa Velas in Puerto Vallarta. It was an adults only all inclusive which was amazing. It was a smaller and the service was impeccable. Despite the time spent lounging on the beach and near the pool (or at the swim up bar...) I still managed to have an Elizabeth style adventure (or misadventure, depending on how you look at it!) that I might tell you about later this week.


Weather and luxury makes dressing very simple - a few pairs of perfectly cut shorts, white and sheer shirts worn over swimsuits or tank tops, and some simple dresses for dinner are all I needed for the day. I won't mention how many swimsuits I took though...

Shirt: Vintage
Tank Top: J Crew
Shorts: Diane von Furstenberg
Bracelets: Vintage
Sunglasses: Pilgrim (which had been missing for a long time! I finally found them in my dance bag!)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Afternoon Sun

IMG_5012 2IMG_5099

This dress was an odd little find from Nordstroms. At first glance it had awkwardly placed irregularly shaped polka dots but when I looked closer it had princesses, castles, apples, trees, carriages and all sorts of other things from fairy tales on it.


Right then my mom (who I was shopping with) and I decided I had to buy I did. And the blue jacket, a staple part of my wardrobe, was something I bought for my birthday awhile ago and am completely in love with!

IMG_5151 1

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Cyclocross Weekend.

I generally find it very difficult to post pictures of myself racing bikes because I look like I'm suffering...which I am. I am well aware that pictures of me hurting while racing have no place on the internet.


I raced again yesterday - it was my second cyclocross race. It was no less graceful than my first and I ended up rolling to almost a dead stop while trying to mount and dismount my bike during the barriers. I didn't crash this time, though, even though I did come in 4th to last again.


Magically, my husband was able to come up with two pictures of me where I look like I'm only suffering a little so now I can show you what I look like when I'm racing.


I can also show you that my bike is the bike du jour at cross races...

After the race JR and I grabbed ice cream and then drove up Boulder Canyon to look at the aspens and the fall colors.


We stopped at Boulder Falls and then continued up the canyon.


It took my breath away to see the aspens glowing and quivering in the evening sun.


Autumn is indeed a last lovely kiss before the cold stillness of winter

For Sale: Voodoo D-Jab

We have this up a few different places but I know some of my blog readers are also cyclists. At the very least this is a gorgeous bike that holds many happy memories and the pictures merit a place in the archives of my life. This has many happy firsts - first mountain bike race, first endurance race, my very first win in a race, even my very first endo. I'm selling it because there is a Yeti with my name on it at the start of next year and this has to go to make that happen.



Frame: 16" Voodoo D-Jab Titanium
Fork: Fox F100
Headset: Chris King, Rasta
Stem: FSA OS 190 Alloy
Seatpost: Thompson Elite
Bars: Easton Monkey Lite XC Carbon (uncut! So cut them down if you want!)
Shifters: Shimano LX Rapidfire
Brakes: Shimano LX Hydrolic
Crankset: Shimano XT
Deraileurs: Shimano XT (rear) Shimano LX (front)
Wheels: Mavic Cross Ride
Saddle: WTB Rocket V
Tires: Hutchinson Python (front) IRC Mythos XC (rear)

Regular grips are included since I want to keep my Aergons. We are asking $1,000 USD and we can ship if you need it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Second Go Round


This past weekend I spent some time setting my hair in sponge curlers. My hair's almost six inches shorter than it was a few weeks ago and that means that it's going to hold a curl better (I think...I hope!)

The first set didn't turn out - it was a wet set and it took a few hours to dry and promptly fell out but by the second day the set worked and I got those beautiful mid 1940's curls I love so much.

In other news, I fed a girafe a cookie. I am not making that up. It's just one of the perks of being an elementary school teacher. Prehensile tongues are pretty incredible!

Here are some things around the internet that are holding my interest and maybe will do the same for you:

- Here's a little thing on waiting for you to think about next time you're waiting
- I'm making this recipe for dinner tonight. I'm getting into food blogs right now, as cooking seems to be a good way for me to de-stress after work. Some of my favorites are here, here, and here.
- I'm hosting a little apron sew a-long for my book club here. You're welcome to join if you would like to! We are on week 1 right now and I'll be doing the second part this weekend some time.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Backstage at the show...

I didn't realize how exhausting friday would be until I hit the proverbial brick wall today. At about 2:30 pm I just couldn't function and had to sleep. I slept until five and I'm the girl who never naps.



I think the best words to sum up the backstage experience (totally different from the front of house experience!) was a long calm then chaos! Somehow some of the model stacking for different designers got a little confused so we were waiting on models to dress that were on stage and we found ourselves ripping off different outfits and dressing different models and really just working hard to make sure that everyone got out in a timely manner.

Getting interviewed and my mom and I - Thanks Mom!!

There was, to say the least, quite a bit of adrenaline flowing and it took almost to midnight before I was able to calm down and really process what had just happened.

Backstage and peeking out at the empty runway

I still really, really enjoyed it - somehow I think that the chaos can be a little fun. It's not easy when it's like that but you sort of get into the thrill of the moment. It reminds me of GOTV day or election night from when I was working in politics.

Models in makeshift hair and makeup

I also liked that everyone was helping everyone out. My timeline was so tight that I was able to hand out all of my dresses and outfits to other designers and their assistants and I had six people dressing for me. All I had to do was get the models in order and do the final tucks and pulls on the outfits. I want to thank the backstage community for that, who were so willing to jump in and help even though it wasn't their own clothes.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Fall/Winter 2011

Last night I showed my very first Fall/Winter collection for this year with ten other designers. Here's the clothes as seen from the runway!




And after the runway was over I took a little bow...

IMG_4131 1

and we all took our final walk...myself included.



Thanks to Fallene Wells, the other designers, and my mom and husband who helped out immensely to make this happen.

Tomorrow I'll post some backstage pictures and tell you what it was like to actually do something like this! Also, stay tuned for a brand new website and store coming soon!