Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Well, I walk upon the river like it's easier than land...


Every Friday night I play bluegrass with a few other teachers.

Bluegrass and folk are two genres of music that I've never really listened to on a serious level until I started playing it on a weekly basis. I'm finding it to be very gentle and very calming and comforting, sort of like this coat.



This coat has been incredible and indestructible, always ready to wrap me up when the seasons change. It's the first coat I pull out in fall and the last one I put away in spring.


I bought it when I was in high school at a store called Yellow Jacket that no longer (to my knowledge) exists in Milwaukee. I remember how much it cost - it was twenty dollars even. It has six beautiful art deco buttons which I slowly lost one by one and eventually had to replace. It's a little big but I won't take it in because I wear sweaters and layers under it.

There's something timeless about a good princess cut coat and something that makes me smile when I think about being seventeen and picking out something I still wear almost ten years later.


  1. It's a beautiful coat. I wish my taste had been as good when I was seventeen. I had a lavender pair of bell bottoms with white flowers that I especially loved to wear with a They Might be Giants tee shirt that seemed to be the stand out clothing purchase, that and a pez orange hoodie.

  2. I love your coat, and think that vintage items or copies of same are so much more attractive than today's so-called fashion.