Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dressing Grace Livingston Hill


"There was nothing about the plain brown rajah silk dress to which Hilda could object as being showy or too grand for one in her position, for it was simple and dark, and rather plain in its make, but it had an air of distinction, as though made by an artist in clothes, and designed purposely for her. The cut of the long, lovely lines on her slender figure, the exquisite pressing of the perfect pleats, the curve of the transparent sleeves, the finish of the girdle and neck, all proclaimed it's high origin."

The Red Signal - Grace Livingston Hill - 1919


"So Elizabeth went to the picnic in a cool white dimity, plainly made, with tiny frills of itself, edged with narrow lace that didn't shout to the unknowing multitude, "I'm real," but was content to be so."

The Girl From Montana - Grace Livingston Hill - 1908




A lovely co-worker of mine somehow found out I was a huge fan of antique clothes and just gave me these old things of hers. She had purchased them at an auction as part of a lot with some old table linens and had no idea what to do with them.



As soon as I opened the bag I gasped with delight - truly well done, immaculately sewn, and carefully crafted clothes from the late Victorian period and early Edwardian era! They reminded me of the clothes that Grace Livingston Hill's characters are described wearing - simple but elegant things in fine silks, laces, and careful handwork.



These three shirts and single skirt have all those qualities about them, from french seams to seams that are whipstitched down. They are certainly treasures and are worthy adds to my collection of antique clothing.


  1. Amazing! It's a pleasure to see these beautiful blouses and the skirt. Surface texture, so soft and pretty. Thank you.

  2. Awesome! These are lovely!

  3. Beautiful and fascinating! Saw your link on glh messages...I have four daughters ages 17 to 28 who also appreciate these lovely things too. Thanks for sharing! The Red Signal was wonderful!