Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Lake Shore

Here's Milwaukee's Lake Front - my family went down there for coffee so I could see my old stomping grounds.


I have always founds sailboats to be graceful and sublime. When I lived in Milwaukee I had a friend who's family owned a sailboat that was kept at this very marina.


When we went sailing I would always, at least when I was not needed, sit on the pulpit (the very front of the boat) with my legs hanging over and my toes dipped in the water that we skimmed across.


Everything was always so bright and sparkling, the water vast and endless, and everything seemed like a dream to me.

Shirt: upson downes by William Anzevino - UO
Pants: Daughters of the Liberation - Anthro
Shoes: Borrowed from my mom! I think they are Clarks


  1. Hey, those were my childhood stomping grounds! How neat! We're moving my sister up there for college soon and I can't wait to check them all out again--I haven't been up for a year now.

    Oh, and these pictures are lovely.

  2. beautiful photos! so dreamy and peaceful...

    lovely blog - just stumbled upon it,but will surely be back!