Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Little Quiet Space

Hello folks! I have some pretty exciting news for you all that I will announce next week as soon as I have a chance!

Trellised roses in the courtyard.

It's been very, very busy here with house guests for almost two straight weeks! I've also been keeping up on my mandolin playing, learning french, and sewing a lot. I've also been reading quite a bit. I finally finished The Happiness Project (not as good as I had hoped), Three Men and a Boat (Better than I had hoped) and A Tail of Two Cities (Tearjerker!).

Tonight I'm off for my first ever French conversation group meeting, which I am a bit nervous for because I don't have a good grasp of the language, though I have been reading Le Monde articles to try to get some current event vocabulary so I don't go there knowing only how to say "Je suis Elizabeth!"

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  1. I have some audio cds of french, german, and spanish that I've been thinking of listening to while I work- as I noticed some of the degrees that I am interested in going back to school for require a second language.
    I'm not sure that I could become fluent, but I thought it would help me get started.
    I studied french in school, and got a crash course in spanish when I lived in Miami briefly.
    I am so impressed you are going to a french conversation group!