Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Little Black Dress

This particular dress was my little black dress throughout most of college and the last year or so of high school. It lives in my closet towards the back where the black dresses run up next to the floor length evening gowns that must stay hanging. Even though I haven't worn it for a long time I couldn't bear to get rid of it.


I finally had another reason to wear it tonight, and I paired it with my interview pumps from Urban Outfitters, a thrifted vintage patent leather handbag, and a funny little invented braid.

Because I've had this dress for years it holds so many happy memories. I wore it to my first real grown up cocktail party, to the Milwaukee Art Museum parties I used to go to on their request. I spent a happy new year's eve in New York City in it. I went on several first dates in it too. I even wore it for a cycling themed photo shoot.


I got the dress from my sister's closet, like most of my favorite pieces. She actually acquired it from her high school's theater department's stash of dresses. I think she wore it to a formal and then it sat around for awhile until I decided it was just about perfect. I borrowed it and well, eight years later, I don't think she's getting it back any time soon. (And this blog post had better not encourage that either, Miss C! :)



  1. What a beautiful workhorse of a dress :) p.s. I want to get paid to party at the art museum! I'm going to get my agent working on that right away.

  2. It's very cool and classic :)