Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 20 - 50 crafts/52 Weeks

We have a lovely, overgrown courtyard with all of the plants that would have been in vogue in gardens during the 1920's, at least according the home and garden magazines that I've read from that era - cascading Bridal Veils, Peonies, various creeping vines and strange little flowers...and best of all big, robust 80 year old rosebushes all over the place.


I spend a considerable amount of time out in our courtyard, on a blanket reading when the weather is good, digging around in the dirt, and yes, hanging laundry in the sunshine when I can. (When the weather is bad we hang laundry in the basement - I LOVE that the building has had so little done to it that laundry lines still exist both inside and out!)


My 22nd craft was this pinafore inspired by the movie that I linked to a few weeks ago - Oto-na-ri. One of the main characters wears this style of pinafore when she is at work as a florist. It seemed very simple, lovely, and practical and like something I would wear.


The pattern was not to difficult to figure out and the only main difference between the one in the movie and mine is that I added darts in the front and lining to fit me better.


And yes, as I declared I would, I do wear it out, more as an overdress than an apron. I'd like to make this in a light blue linen and tweak it just a little bit more next time, using a different lining technique.



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  2. It's like what they wore in Pride & Jane Austen's time. You see them wearing aprons like that in Sense and Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice :)

  3. i have no idea why i missed this post, but your pinafore is awesome! i wish i can sew. just one of the many things i need to learn. :)