Tuesday, May 03, 2011

On Being Home - Part Two

Home, for me, is my refuge. It is a space that contains my beloved, the things I create, and the things I use to create. I find my home, my carefully gathered objects, to be a place of rest. I go out into the world, and while I find it exhilarating, I return needing home.

Home is also my space to create, where my best thinking is done. It is a place where projects are dreamed up and carried out. Where, within the space I love, anything is possible. I seek inspiration from the world around me, yes, but it is sifted and measured out, evaluated in the bounds of my four walls. All projects I do, all things I create are measured against myself and the sense of peace I get when I am home, not against other people, other bloggers, and the world outside. Recognizing my boundaries and my limits has made the rooms of my home infinite space to dream.

When I am home I am able to come to terms with things. We shut the world out, in a way. We have no TV, our computer time is limited, we do not get much mail. We are able to isolate ourselves, and see things in our own way without the influence of scads of screaming stations yelling about the world ending. We are not hiding from it, but we are able to see things once, and process them, instead of being overexposed to the information leaving no room to adjust to the new way of the world. We read books, slowly. We discuss the events of the world over dinner, and yes, if there is something we really want to watch, we stream it online.

Home is where I know who I am the most. If I ever lose myself in the ideas of want and must have, I simply look around and am reminded of enough. Home reigns me in, home reflects my personality and projects it on the walls, the floors, the bookshelves and paint colors. Home shows me where I've been and tells me where I need to go. Home encourages me, teaches me how to share, and gives me a place to learn and to grow.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being home most of the day, so I took this little video of some of my daily work at home. It's not professionally done, but I hope you enjoy it.

This is part two of my thoughts on Home. You can find part one here.


  1. Gorgeous video, I love it!
    (What is the song you used as soundtrack? It's beautiful...) xx

  2. Ha! Never mind...witness me commenting before the video was done ;) xx

  3. very interesting...and soothing.
    I have to say that I'm still learning how to slow down and be productive in enjoyment (if that makes sense).
    liked your video!

  4. All the stars.... what a soothing song. I enjoyed your video and I love your decor!

  5. Cute video! Love the song and I'm jealous of your Kitchen Aid mixer. I really want one but they are so expensive :( One day though!!!

  6. your sweet video made me wish to live more meaningful, and enjoy all those little elements that fill the life of a wife <3