Monday, May 02, 2011

Oh, Life!


I found this image of Yves Saint Laurent standing alone at Christian Dior's funeral in Paris, 1957 while reading a book I had impulsively pulled from the library. In amongst the heavy draped clothes of the late 40's and early 1950's, plum satins, embroidery, and endless skirts was this lonely photograph of the young man standing alone, contemplating.

Saint Laurent is young in this photograph, around 21, and he had just been given the reigns to House of Dior and had become Dior's successor. I like this picture because it shows the before, before, before. Before rises and failures, before conscriptions, hospitalizations, before the drugs and the failed romances and the selling of his art collection. It just shows a young man, beautifully dressed, contemplative in the eerily calm minutes before the storms.

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  1. wow, that's a beautiful picture. he is beautiful.