Monday, May 09, 2011

All the seasons go the same...

It's summer here in Denver, or at least these last few days have felt like it. I've been camera-less for some reason, but I have been having lots of lovely adventures.


First of all I turned twenty-six in the best way imaginable. JR and I took the entire day and did lovely things - I slept in, there was breakfast in bed, we rode our bikes around the city and stopped at the capitol building to climb up to the top of the dome to look out over Denver, we went to the art museum to see the Renaissance exhibit, and then we went to Beatrice and Woodsley here in town for dinner.

The very next day I started a new job as, in a sense, an art restoration person. I'm not sure what my official title is, though I do know I'm in the restoration department. I spend a lot of time hand sewing textiles in various capacities. It is a very quiet meditative job for me, as sewing tends to be. I enjoy it and I know for certain that I will get very strong hands doing this! I have to use pliers to sew some of the things I work on!


This weekend I had a very lazy Saturday. I slept in. Sunday was not so lazy, I went to church, had brunch with lovely Isabelle and a few of her friends, and then afterwards I climbed Green Mountain.

Tonight I am going to take a ballet class, an adult very beginner class. While I'm sure I'm not, at least in my brain, a very beginner, I could always use a refresh, and of course I have to build up the muscles I lost over the course of the fall and summer - my last class was last August! In honor of this I added a few pictures from last summer in my pointe shoes...I was really working hard to figure out light with the SLR and I used an oil lamp all over the dark living room to play with the camera. I'm not sure if they're lovely or just silly but I like them.


  1. oh, those are beautiful photos! the dress really compliments your pointe shoes. i know you had mentioned that you were taking adult ballet, i'm so glad your going back. when i first went back a month ago, i can't believe how sore i was and how achy my joints were. good luck! :)

  2. The photos are beautiful. I did ballet and tap as a child and would love to try again. I'm sure you'll have fun.