Saturday, April 02, 2011

Week 15 -50 Crafts/52 Weeks

You can check out project 13, a little recording project, at it's very own little blog here. I think I need to stop making new blogs every time I have a project...I think I'm up to four now?

Field Guide Sessions

And finally, you can hear something I've played and recorded (albeit very poorly!).

Also, I just finished a knitting needle case for craft 14. This is a project I haven't had much need for, only owning about two sets of needles, but I recently found a needle stash at the thrift store so now I have a reason to make one!

Knitting Needle Case

This project took no time at all, especially because I used the selvedge edge for the top of the needle holding piece. I used all stash thread, fabric, and bias binding (use double wide for this!).

Knitting Needle Case


Lots of busy people crafting and creating these days, too! These are the most recent (sorry if I've missed linking some in between guys! It's been busy around here!)

Maggie is up to 17 and created a beautiful sweater! As someone who is a mending aficionado I really appreciated the up close look at her sweater mends, too!

Morgan started to plant things for her garden!

Studio Marlowe finished another amazing (totally something I'd wear) sweater! Love it!

Okac has continued her baking roll and also made an Easter wreath!

Fifty First Crafts always does some amazing work. She made some Pysanky (wax relief) eggs...and they are beautiful!

Bunni Garu made the most darling cake - I want a piece!

We have a newcomer to the 50/52 challenge - it's never too late to start, right? Check out Raggedy Angel's crafts over on her blog!


  1. Fantastic, everyone!
    (Elizabeth, the recording is beautiful! I look forward to hearing more of your music :)
    I'm on crafting hiatus lately. Am sure it'll pick up again in the future...right now I'm all about cooking from scratch and gardening...taking up most of my time and energy.
    Happy Spring! xx

  2. The song is lovely! I loved the recording and your voices too!