Friday, April 29, 2011

Tiny Clothes for Priscilla

Remember that doll I thrifted almost a year ago? Recently I had a friend come to visit and she noticed that poor Priscilla had no clothes on. She's been wrapped in a scarf since she came home, and has sat on various shelves and windowsills of the homes I've lived in since I've gotten her.

"Elizabeth," My friend said "someone who sews as well as you shouldn't have a naked doll!"


Well, my friend was right - today I set about making Priscilla some lovely itty bitty things to wear. She's been fun (and quick!) to sew for. Every stitch is done by hand and everything has come out of my scrap bin or stash of trims and buttons.

Drawers for PriscillaChemise for Priscilla

So far she's gotten a pair of split drawers, a chemise, and a funny little corset (with no bones in it! I couldn't find any tiny zip ties!) made out of leftovers from my 18th c. stays and some bias binding in my trim box.


I plan on making Priscilla live in the late 1870's or early 1880's - around the time when Denver was first settled. That means bustle skirts, fitted jackets, and tiny hats.

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