Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week 6 - 50 Crafts/52 Weeks

Wow! What a busy week! Despite a three day weekend (Thank you President Lincoln!) I still am nowhere near done with the grading that I needed to get done! least I did get some crafting done in fits throughout the week!

Craft eight was wax paper hearts to hang in my house.


These were super easy to make and I've done them before. They are one of my favorite valentine crafts because they are cheap, easy, quick and look so lovely hanging in my windows and the archway into our home.


The final thing I did with them was turn them into gift tags for my kiddos at school. They're each getting a blossom from me since we can't bring in candy.


For project nine I made a trash bag for my car based on this tutorial.

My car really needed one, so I did that!


(I am sitting in a perfect moment. It's beautiful outside, there's a breeze coming in through the open window and it's turning to dusk all hazy purple and rose the way only sunsets over the mountains are. Lovely!)


The other crafters have been busy, too!

Receptionitis has done some knitting for her Ipod Headphones and made an angry bird! It's so cute!

Fifty First Crafts has been working on an amazing paper star and made some paper. Her posts are so thorough that they amaze me! It's incredible!

Okac did something huge: she put new hardware on her mom's kitchen cabinets! Yikes! They look beautiful though, so go check them out.

Studio Marlowe made some beautiful Valentine's Cards!

As always, our non-blogging friends have been working hard too. They've made cards and have been busy knitting!

My list feels a bit thin this week so if I am missing anyone, please let me know!


  1. Oh my word, I love those hearts!!
    And that trash bag for the car is a brilliant idea.. why haven't I thought of it?

  2. I love that trash bag!

    and the hearts are adorable.

  3. Your trash bag turned out great! And thanks for the reminder about the wax paper crafts! My son and I will play with that tomorrow!

  4. Thanks so much for the link and your kind words. I love your trash bag. What a great idea! And your hearts are so cute. I hope your kids enjoy their gifts.

  5. Oh your hearts are lovely! Everyone's stuff is so great :)
    I have been a phenomenal craft slacker this past fortnight. I am committing to actual results (plural, hopeully!) next week! ;) xx

  6. pretty hearts !!
    and you remind me I need to make some of this bags for the car... I may have one child only, but when travelling long distances they're so useful

  7. Okay, I really need to make a pretty trash bag for my car!

    I need to catch up on my crafting too!