Thursday, February 03, 2011

Week 4.5 - 50 Crafts/52 Weeks

Look! Valentines day goodness!

I had a whole two days off in the middle of the week because of the freezing temperatures here in Denver, so I was able to get some sleep, plan some lessons, and sew!

I have had the holiday decoration bug lately and I don't have any Valentines Day things at all, so I decided to make some.

On Tuesday I had my neighbor over and we embroidered little lavender sachets....


My neighbor had a surplus of lavender (what a great problem to have!) so she graciously let me use some to stuff my sachets with!

Valentine's Day Bunting

Also, I am still using up that red striped fabric that I have so much of. I have made a mock up with it, a dress out of it, two ironing board covers, stuffed lavender sachets, and now I've done a Valentine's day bunting with it and I still have tons more of it!

Valentine's Day Bunting

These two crafts bring me up to 7/50.

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