Saturday, February 19, 2011

Schwinnifred and I

I took a little jaunt around Denver today. It's such a happy city!


I pass these mailboxes on my way home from school every so often and I have to say that they make me smile. People take lots of pictures of them - when I was taking my pictures of them at least two or three people pulled their cars over and grabbed snapshots!

Here is a picture of me and my bike, Schwinnifred, jaunting.


Schwinnifred is a lovely old cruiser that came from my friend Cale in Milwaukee. When I was in Milwaukee over christmas Cale was selling off some of his cycling stuff for a cross country move. I pleaded with JR to let me buy Schwinnifred, he said yes, and we have been living happily ever after. She's a total upright rider, very heavy, sorta slow, but just lovely and very comfortable. She also gets her own set of "cute bike!" catcalls when I ride her, and she started at least two or three cyclist to cyclist conversations when I was riding her today.

There's nothing not to love about Schwinnifred.

PS: The green skirt I am wearing is object number nine of my 50/52 challenge. I'll be putting up a better set of photos of it on Sunday!


  1. oh, such a lovely bike, elizabeth! and CUTE mailboxes! :)

  2. thanks for your comment, I love living in such a storical city, indeed. love your blog, you should post more schwinnifred pictures!

  3. The skirt and the bike are adorable! I have 2 old Schwinns, and though I can barely get up the hills of this city, there is nothing like a vintage bike and a handmade skirt on a Summer's day!