Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fashion Denver


Medium sized cities often have interesting creative scenes - they are not too prominent that they rule the city the way art and aesthetics do in places like New York and San Francisco. They are not so tiny that they give one person, maybe two, a way to be a big fish in a small pond and everyone turns out because something is happening.


I've lived in both sized cities, and now I am in a third and I'm finding that art in medium sized cities hangs in a balance. It needs nurturing and support. It needs places and individuals willing to work against the tide of all business and subtly suburban to make it happen. In Denver where most of the population stares at the mountains instead of the art, it especially needs this coaxing and tending to.


About a month ago I wandered into Fashion Denver and talked for awhile with the charming, driven, and very creative Brandi who runs this space where local Denver designers can show their creations off. Brandi had years of working on her own handbag designs and decided to create Fashion Denver as a place to share the craft and art of designing as well as advise on the business side of things. This is one of those spaces that helps maintain and grow the designers working in Denver and that makes me excited!

Fashion Denver hosts classes, shows, and workshops. They also act as a storefront for a rotating host of Denver area designers of all sorts: jewelry, millinery, accessories, and of course clothes.


(NB: I wasn't paid to say this, like falcon, I just really like the shop!)

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  1. this looks like such a neat place! i live in a relatively big city (montreal), but i'd love to go to a place like denver some day.