Saturday, February 05, 2011


Saturday is mountain day. That means that it's a day to get out of the city, at least in the morning, and remind myself that I live next to one of the most amazing geographical features in the entire world - The Rocky Mountains.


This week's hike took me to Apex, a very close trail system that is regularly mountain biked when there is no snow.


I chose Apex because I have never been there before and it seemed pretty close. It was, and it turned out be a really quick hike. I had covered most of the trails in two hours even.

I'm looking forward to riding it this summer!


(PS: Can you tell I'm wearing short sleeves here? that's one of the strange things about living here...there can be snow on the ground and you can be too warm for long sleeves when you are walking on the sunny side of the canyon. Move four feet to your left and you'll need a fleece and a jacket!)

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  1. I gotta come visit some time in the winter! CO seems like such a great place to live and love, all year round.