Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week 4 -50 Crafts/52 Weeks

Behind this innocuous looking door in my dining room is one of my favorite things about this apartment.

Ironing Board Cover

This closet hasn't been turned into a spice cabinet, ripped out to make a strange empty hole or storage for something really, really flat...

It still has the original ironing board! The icing on the cake is that it still has the original sleeve board attached to it too. This was perfect for ironing all those mutton sleeves that were so in vogue when this apartment was built, but in my case I use it for sewing projects.

Ironing Board Cover

When I first moved in the building manager mentioned that it might be a good idea to rip it out, because, "You know, who irons any more?"

Wide eyed and almost in tears I said "I do! I do!" because if you sew, you iron. You iron a lot.

Ironing Board Cover

Project 4/50 is two ironing board covers for this formerly coverless ironing board. These were quick and took less than an hour to whip up. I'm mostly excited because I no longer have to use a towel to iron!

Ironing Board Cover

Project 5/50 is a continuation of Marie Antoinette's Underwear. I made a fine linen shift which I am not going to model until I have pocket hoops and a petticoat to go over it - it's pretty see through. I'm working on clothes for someone who is pretty upper class so it will be trimmed with lace and have some engageantes made and basted to it as well but the reproduction lace market is nonexistent for anything in my budget and I'm going to have to find a good enough match from a modern lace at some point.

18th c. Shift18th c. Shift

18th c. Shift and Stays


As always, the cooperative 50/52 team is busy crafting away and making me feel like a bit of a craft slacker!

Rachel at Go Placidly is right on track with 4/50 - she has sown some seeds for a little indoor garden!

Chez Studio Marlowe finished an amazing beret - I really envy her knitting talent, she's amazing!

Okac's first project is probably my favorite because it just makes me smile thinking about it. She made bunny wall clings - i.e. romping rabbits running on her roof (sorry...I love alliteration). Click on my link and you'll not be disappointed. She also finished some wall art and a baby book and is up to number 7!

Fifty First Crafts made some boots! She also embroidered those boots. She ambitiously is home-anodizing aluminum, which is something I didn't even know you could DIY.

Bunni Garu made some incredibly sweet pieces of jewelry. I'm especially fond of the Tortise and the Hare necklace and would love to wear that to school to show to the kids (and then ask them..."Is this a Legend, Fable, Myth, or Fairy Tale?" which is part of the unit we just did in reading). She also finished a hat for her daughter.

Morgan finished a hilarious balaclava for her husband that has mutton chops on it and redid her coffee table in chalkboard spray paint. Considering she has the best handwriting of anyone I know, I'm pretty excited to read her coffee table!

Receptionitis has, in the past four weeks, made layered jello, curtains, a charm + box, and has started some other interesting projects that include glasswork and knitting.

Our non-bloggers have been busy too, and have made everything from paper cards to ornaments!


  1. your sewing work always amazes me, no matter what you make it looks awesome!
    Having that ironing board in the wall is AWESOME! I can only imagine how excited when that was shown to you!

  2. I love that ironing board, so neat!
    And, as always, utterly in awe of your sewing skills! :) xx