Sunday, January 09, 2011

Week 1 - 50 Crafts/52 Weeks

This is the official first week of 50/52 and I'm pretty excited about all the amazing things that everyone who is crafting along with me has done, as well as the two things that I've finished this week as well!

I got crafts 1 and 2 done this week. I finished a quick bag that was a test for a pattern card that a store nearby asked me to do. It took about twenty minutes and was done using stash fabrics entirely!

Pattern Test

The second craft that I finished this week was the sweater that I started November 11th. This was my first knitting project of this scale and by the end I was definitely ready to be finished with it. I'm not super happy with the way it turned out - there are a lot of beginner's mistakes in it and the belt loops have huge gaps in between them, but overall it'll do. I fit into it, and I can wear it to school.


I'm going to do some smaller knitting projects in the upcoming weeks, and of course I'll continue to work on my 18th c. skivvies, too.


Everyone else has been working on amazing things, too!

Bunni Garu is also knitting a project - she's working on what her daughter Daphne calls a "cat hat."
Rachel at Go Placidly is almost done with her baby jacket as of her last update.
The blogger at Present Moment Miracles made a vision doll that I'm having trouble linking to, but trust me, it's amazing!
Studio Marlowe finished part of a sweater - I can't wait to see how the rest looks.
Maggie finished two beautiful projects: Red Lace and Grey Lace.
520 Miles redid a closet door and turned it into a mirror!
Okac has done two sets of window scarves. I think they are knitted, but they look cool and are a neat, cozy idea!
Kelly has been busy and has knocked out three crafts already - Two clutches and a quilted wristlet.
Finally, but not least, Morgan worked on a portion of a sweater and made homemade laundry soap.

I think I've gotten all the bloggers - if I'm missing you, please leave me a comment and I'll put you up! Well done, folks!


  1. that sweater looks amazing. How cool that you can knit. I've always wanted to learn.

  2. Love, love, love the sweater. Good on you for finishing your first, even if it does have a few mistakes (which only you will ever notice).

  3. I also love the sweater.. such a gorgeous color!

  4. I think the sweater looks amazing, I love all the trim detailing x.x.

  5. the sweater looks amazing!
    I love the color, the look, the lace, the everything!
    are you just going to wear something under it? (since you mentioned not liking the larger gaps)

    Very excited to see what else you make throughout the year - its always such quality!

  6. That feathery fabric is so cute! I admire you for sticking to your crafty ambitions like this.

  7. I LOVE that sweater! You did a great job on it. Are the white lace parts knit also?

  8. Oh, your sweater is so pretty!
    Thankyou for linking to all the blogs taking part, it's so fun to see what everyone's doing!
    I finished all the basic knitting of mine, now for blocking and sewing up (so not my favourite part, thank goodness for this project, it'll stop me procrastinating further! ;)

  9. The sweater looks great! Hopefully some day we can see a picture of you wearing it.