Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hot Springs...

What do you do when you are a Wisconsin girl and there hasn't been any snow all winter? just drive a few hours west and you'll find that snow!


JR and I drove up to the mountains this weekend because we had a few days off with nothing to do. It was just an over night trip, so we didn't do much, but we were able to go to a Hot Springs...


We left about six o' clock, so it was really, really dark and about 9 degrees outside. The springs complex has no electricity, so you take a flashlight on the hike down (watching out for the ice!). Hopefully you've put your bathing suit on under your clothes so you can just stand at the edge of the springs, pull off your top layers, and hop on in to the pools.


Once you're in you warm up quickly - the pools sit at about 105F, and there is a cold pool that's about 40F. The water comes out of the spring at 148F, but they mix it with icy water from the creek to bring the temperature down. It's pretty much the most relaxing thing ever...I think I could have fallen asleep there, and the steam from the springs helped clear the congestion from the cold I'm getting over.

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  1. Hot springs are the greatest things ever, especially in the snow!! I love that bathing suit too, it's so pretty.
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue