Thursday, December 30, 2010

50 Crafts in 50 Weeks...or whatever gets you crafting!

I suppose it's time to announce my intentions for my new years resolutions. Along with learning (more) Spanish and rocking my student teacher placement, I've decided to set a goal of making 50 craft things this year.

I have had a serious craft lull in the last two years - lack of motivation, equipment, time, stability, routine...all these things have cut into my ability to sew, knit, create, write, drink giant cups of tea in the morning, and I'd like to introduce those things back into my life.


So, I challenged myself to make 50 crafts in this coming year, which is about one a week. Larger projects I want to accomplish (like the 18th C. digs I've been working on) will be broken down into smaller pieces - embroidered cuffs are split into two weeks, for example, and then the shift is a third week. I also have small "one afternoon" projects, like a knitted cowl and a needle book, in there for crafting reprieve.

I have a few people who have expressed interest in joining me with various versions of this - one, for example, suggested she would like to do 26 crafts in 52 weeks, finishing something every two weeks. A few more preferred the "craft once a week" instead of "finish something every week" version, which is great too - anything that gets you working!

If you would like to join, please let me know! I'd be honored to link to your blog/blog posts, and I'll be keeping all my entries with the links in a sidebar here for quick reference!

My first craft will be starting the week of January 2nd, and it's "Finish the green sweater." So, as you can use this challenge to finish some UFOs!


I have some people joining me and a few even willing to blog about it!


  1. wow, this is great. i wish i could commit to this! i was just saying i need to bring out my beads and start my jewelry again! good luck with the challenge.

  2. Ok, I'm in, all official and everything!

    I confess I'm very good at trailing off these sorts of things :/ hopefully between blogging and g* I might be able to stay the course a little longer this time...!

    Happy 2011 :)

  3. Looking forward to starting. I already have a project picked out!

    I'll announce mine tomorrow after I get my supplies together. =)

  4. Wow! That sounds like an ambitious plan for the year but it also sounds like you have a good strategy. Best of luck to you and happy crafting in 2011!

  5. I'm in! I'll be posting crafts over at my blog (

  6. I would liketo join in =) I have tweaked a little, and am being very liberal with create, but would like to have 26 finished things in a year. Posting crafts and progess at hoping doing this along with others will keep me on track. Like you, I have not been creating so much and miss it.

  7. I'm also doing 50 crafts in 2011! You can find my blog at

  8. Ooh, a crafty challenge, how fun!

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    I came across your blog by accident, (always the best way) and was inspired by your blog about your weekly challenge.

    So much so, that I have set myself the same challenge, and have now posted my first project. I have mentioned you in my blog, but please feel free to check it out at