Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tree of Codes

There are certain authors that I keep track of like I keep track of bands and their releases - Jonathan Safran Foer is one of them. I respect Foer's way with text and his ability to manipulate text in a concrete way, as well as create winding, wonderful stories that evoke thought, emotion, confusion. I don't know exactly how to explain it but his books are the most physical that I've ever read - I read Everything is Illuminated in the course of an afternoon in bed in my second story flat, and by the time I had finished the book I had felt like my bed and I had sunk through the floorboards of the house and I was reading in the basement.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Foer and he was incredibly gracious, encouraging, and kind (as most authors seem to be...). One of my most prized possessions in my house (well, in a box now...) is an invitation to my 21st birthday party that he signed to wish me a happy birthday. In every house I have had since he signed it for me I have hung it somewhere around my desk to remind me to keep writing, keep writing, keep writing.

Foer's new book, Tree of Codes, looks incredible. I can't imagine the work it took to make this happen, the hours of convincing publishers to do this, the team of typesetters who knew how to get this to happen.

When this gets released, I will most certainly be in line to pick this one up.

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