Sunday, October 17, 2010

To The Ballet!

I rarely get a chance to dress up for anything these days, so I often wear dressy clothes around for every day things. Once in awhile you end up finding something that's just a little too over the top to wear on a day to day basis (and believe me, my limits are pretty high...) but it's too good to pass up.

Such was the case with this thrifted 1950's taffeta dress with little glittery buttons and scallops all the way down the front!

When I realized that I could no longer fit into the floor length 1960's dress I had picked out in April for Dracula, the ballet, I grabbed this one out of my closet:

To The Ballet

It was out to be perfect for Dracula! Turns out must wear colors of the evening for attendees happened to be black and red - everyone was dressed in it. I added vintage black gloves, a capelet pilfered from another dress, and a very sparkly vintage rhinestone necklace to push it just over the top enough for a vampire ballet.

Another bonus to this dress - because it's taffeta, it just sounds nice to wear!


  1. You look marvelous and I simply love dressing this is so fun! I hope you had a wonderful time seeing Dracula!

    Liesl :)

  2. You look so lovely! I love the scallop detail of the dress and how you paired it with the gloves.


  3. Dracula must have loved you. Taffeta, to die for!