Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tour de Fat

There's an annual bike parade that happens every year in my fine city. This was our first year here for it, so it was my first year dressing up. I hemmed an hawed about what to wear - first I thought about my victorian skivvies (they alone make a great costume...I once won the Rocky Horror Picture Show underwear contest in them - I was head to toe in cotton, and I was up against a string of ladies in nothing but bras and garters...but I digress...) and then I thought about wearing something vintage. I decided I do that pretty much every day, so that was out.

The morning of I woke up, grabbed my suitcase of clothes I love but hardly ever wear and pulled this sari out:

Tour De Fat 2010 Costume

It was surprisingly easy to cycle in but I'm still dealing with the sari-shaped sunburn!

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  1. Your dress is amazing, as is your header!! Sorry if it's been up for a while, I've been on holiday. That picture is so pretty!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue