Thursday, September 02, 2010

Teacher Clothes

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet, but I'm in Graduate School to become a teacher. Every day is a clothing crisis right now, because on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, when I am in a 1st grade class for 8 - 9 (or more, some days!) hours, I am at a loss for what to wear.

I will admit that this summer was nice because I could go galavanting across the country in fancy dresses and tons and tons and tons of white clothes, but that just isn't the case now. You spend the whole day chasing a pack of 6 year olds, creating art projects, leaning over their tiny tables to check their work, and sitting on the floor with them.

I wear a lot of modern skirts, cardigans, and comfortable shoes, but I'm really longing to go back to my vintage threads!

To get some ideas, I've collected some pictures of teachers doing their thing in their vintage dresses. What has a study of all the vintage teacher images on Getty Images and flickr taught me? Teachers (of the primary grades) wore cotton dresses, circle or longer pencil skirts, crisp blouses and T shirts tucked in, belts guessed it...cardigans the piece of clothing that is most synonymous with Teachers and Librarians! Their shoes were low healed and practical, and they topped things off with broaches or necklaces and a simple watch, which is so important in the classroom.

All images from Getty Images


  1. What a fantastic idea to look for vintage teacher inspiration!!

  2. Great idea for inspiration! It is also interesting to think about what women used to wear while cleaning and cooking! Aprons, of course but over their dresses etc!

  3. I love this post, I've been thinking about what to wear to prac too (also grad entry). These are some great ideas and I'll definitely be using them the week after next!