Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out To Get Us!

My friend had a birthday, and as you know, in my life birthdays are a celebration of the highest order! She waffled about heading to Kansas for her birthday, but decided to stay here and take me up on an offer of a tea party.


A tea party can be pulled together in an hour easy - text a few friends and then allot 30 minutes to a quick vacuum, tidying, and a rinse of those tea party worthy dishes you never get to use. Give fifteen minutes to run to the grocery store for a bottle of wine and those last few baking ingredients that you need for scones. Spend that last fifteen minutes whipping up a batch of gluten free chocolate chip scones, and take them out of the oven fresh for your guests!


Another friend of ours had the same birthday, so after the tea was served, enjoyed, and conversation was had, we headed out to our friends birthday Fiesta!





  1. the first photo is beautiful. I like the photo with the umbrellas (reminds me of Mary Poppins1), but I have a question, it's not a bad omen to open umbrellas inside the home? but then again we have a silly saying about Tuesday the 13th. (equivalent to Friday the 13th in the States)

  2. Wow, your party looks wonderful. There is something so quintessentially civilised about a proper tea party. The scones sound delicious, too. Definitely a nice way to spend a September afternoon!