Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm not a stranger. I know you well!


It was the love of my life's birthday this past weekend. For his birthday shindig, I set the table with what I consider "guy food," which really just means packaged and processed stuff. Everything except those grapes got gobbled up!


The house was full of guys! There was serious discussions about sports, politics, climbing 14ers, and of course religion. The atmosphere was very different from the mostly female entertaining I usually do with tea parties and the like...but no less fun! I enjoyed hosting the pack of rapscallions my husband calls his friends.


Words cannot express my gratitude, respect, and love for this man! I am humbled by his generosity, his dedication, and his creativity every day.


  1. And we are so blessed to know him (and you)! Thanks for making our lives so rich. :)

  2. Wahoo! three cheers for Jon! Hip, hip, ect!