Thursday, September 30, 2010

Favorites from around the Web...

I don't have a lot of content for the blog during the week - my outfits are vintage, but often repeats of previous things, I'm not hosting any soirees, and I really am just hunkered down and working on homework.

I wanted to feature things from around the web that I've fallen in love with.

Lucianalachance's Favorites

The first thing is this terrifically curated set of flickr favorites. This person added a dress of mine and I like to check out who has favorited my pictures to make sure they are not creepy, and I found this beautiful pallet of soft pinks, blues, and creams. The images in it are so cohesive that it's beautiful just to look at the little squares all lined up together makes a wonderful image.

A quick google search didn't reveal anything about a blog, or I'd link you there too.

Second, I want to introduce you to a new blog I've been enjoying. Rebekka Seale, a graphic artist and a baker, commented on my blog awhile ago and I went and checked out her blog, Dear Friend - can I say I'm in love?


Not only do I love her illustrations, but I love her descriptions of life in Nashville, the vintage dresses she is picking up for her daughter that she and her husband are adopting from Ethiopia, and of course, the pictures of her apartment she will occasionally post (house tour please!?)


If you want to support her adoption efforts you can check out her web site or her etsy shop.

(First image is a screenshot of the flickr page, the second two illustrations belong to Rebekka Seale and are from her flickr page...)

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