Saturday, August 21, 2010

The sky was so clear that it didn't look right...

De-cluttering is a major thing in our house right now. I tackled all the rooms in the house, culling as much as I could stomach to get rid of. I culled scraggly throw pillows, vases I haven't used in years, vintage hats I wanted to upcycle but knew I wouldn't and so much more.

Comet Cleaner

Also, I finished up projects that had been sitting around for ages, like the window I was painting on. It's now happily sitting on my wall in my living room.

There was just one more room in our house that needed some TLC - the Dreaded stuff room. I have come to terms that this is our "garage."

Gravity Kayak Rack

When you have as many time consuming/stuff acquiring hobbies as we do you need a place to put all six bikes, two kayaks, climbing equipment, tools, clothes, tents, and so on. It's nearly impossible to organize this stuff beautifully in a space that small, so we are striving for functionality. It would be nice to not have to wade through a swamp of panniers, broken bike parts, climbing gear, and suitcases!

Most of the stuff belongs to my husband, so when he came home from California this weekend he got to work tossing the things he felt he didn't need any more. Out went old maps, a wheel, a bike frame he'll never ride again, a army surplus backpack that weighed a ton, and much, much more. We essentially were able to clear out an entire carload of stuff! The house feels lighter already! My husband casually hinted that the trick is to not replace the stuff. I may have to extend my moratorium on buying pyrex to the rest of the house for awhile!

Here are some resources to help you out with your de-cluttering:

-Call me a nerd, but I've used flylady in some capacity since I was in high school.

-I am in love with many, many houses on apartment therapy. When I see the tidy (albeit staged) homes, I am inspired to clean up and toss out. Two of my recent favorites are Shauntelle & Dave and Katherine & Jem.

-Small Notebook is another great place to find de-cluttering hints and tips. I love her attitude towards organization and this is a great place to start.

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  1. decluttering can be so much fun, i think, as strange as that sounds! the old maps though - wooe. how sad ;;!