Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a Day for a Matinee

JR and I were headed to the Sunday afternoon symphony matinee, but we ended up arriving late so we decided to abandon that plan and walk around in the sunlight downtown.


We stumbled upon an art fair, ate at JR's favorite Denver Thai place, and wound our way back to the car.


Poor JR broke his collarbone while cycling so he's stuck in a sling for the next six to eight weeks.


When we got to the car we noticed a car that matched my outfit perfectly was parked there so I couldn't resist taking pictures!

I filtered the photos a wee bit because I wanted to make them look like old car advertisements.

Photoshop and Old Cars

The wind decided to play with my skirt...

(I was having skirt + wind trouble in that last one but I loved how it turned out anyways.)


  1. those pictures are great! love that you made them look vintage too. :)

    btw, i got your message about taking photos, but i haven't really had a chance to respond yet. it's been a busy weekend! i'll get back to you soon, though! :)

  2. These are some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen, I love your outfit!!
    From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

  3. oh so wonderful! as per usual! <333