Friday, May 07, 2010

Thrift Find of the Month (or year?)


While poking around at my favorite thrift store, I noticed this tag on an itty bitty shirt...twelve bucks is four times the normal price there, but I loved the fabric...


Pulling it out for further inspection I realized that it had been grossly mislabeled...


Instead of being a 1940's shirt...


It was a circa 1860's gathered bodice!


Twelve bucks for a beautiful piece of history?

Yes please!

I'm planning on shadowboxing it and hanging it somewhere in my house - it has an incredible (if fragile) fabric, with beautiful hand workmanship, including the delicate mend on the left side. Unfortunately someone felt the need to add trim to the top. It's machine tacked on, and poorly done. I'm going to leave it since the bodice is so fragile though.
I love the fabric - it's a sheer alternating with a solid, those patches of flowers are not ribbons, they are actually woven in. The fabric is quite faded but you can see the original colors in the lining and underneath tucks and folds - the sepia colored flowers are a rich chocolate brown and the blue and red stripes are quite vivid!

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  1. Wow! What an amazing find! I love the sleeves.