Thursday, May 06, 2010

On the occasion of my 25th birthday...


Jon and I have a family tradition we call the Midnight Birthday. It's pretty much like new years eve, only for your birthday! We herald in the new birthday year at midnight with cake, candles, opening of presents, and general festivities.

This year, for my birthday we decided to do birthday cupcakes. I splurged at target (a whopping 10 dollars) and purchased a tiny cupcake tree. My friend J, an accomplished cook, came over and together we tackled one of the complicated cupcake and frosting recipes from the Babycakes Cookbook.

The cupcakes were excellent, which is good because we were worried - the batter was a bit bitter due to the garbanzo/fava flour. J doctored it up and the rest of the bitterness "baked out" leaving us with fudgey, coconutey chocolate cupcakes perfect for turning a quarter century old!

Birthday dresses are a big deal for me - I get a new one every year, often sewing something or allowing myself to spend a bit more than usual. It's usually something vintage inspired and this year was no exception.

I've never been much of a 1970's/1960's girl - the clothes are too colorful - but I tried this filmy, floaty number, and promptly fell in love. It's a gray day here, so I feel somewhat responsible for bringing the sunshine, too! I don't know why I have such a sour face in the picture.

Today I headed down to Denver ("the big city"). I am spending the day going to museums, window shopping (and purchasing an emergency bright blue faux-leather jacket since I left my sweaters at home!) and finally going out to dinner with JR. Not a bad way to spend the day!

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  1. You are SO BEAUTIFUL.
    I had a photo of you in my apartment and my friend Mustapha asked me if you were an American actress.
    I said yes. My favorite.

    Did you sew that dress yourself? What kind of fabric? It's so lovely.

    Hope your Bday was awesome and restful...and I hope this year is full of growth and experiences and laughter.

    much love.