Saturday, May 15, 2010

My first doll in years.

This week's featured thrift find is a rather large china doll...she is stuffed with sawdust, has a heavy cotton body, and is in remarkably good condition! I am by no means a doll collector - this one joins just one other in my house - but it will be fun to sew in a tiny scale again. I haven't done that since I was first learning to sew.

Dolly Close up...

I've done a little digging (all on the internet, of course) and have seen examples of dolls exactly like her from the 1880's to about 1915. Her hairstyle is called a "lowbrow" because of the curls falling forward onto her face. She has little dancing slippers, not boots, which makes me presume that she's probably a later model, ca 1905, as anything earlier is usually wearing boots and has a shorter porcelain leg. She has a straight body, as well, which matches pictures of originals I've seen - usually the dolls from the 1880's have straight bodies, then they become very curved hour glass bodies for a few decades, and then they become straight again.

Dolly thrift score...

I have a lot of liberty with dressing her according to her era - almost 40 years of rapidly changing fashion to choose from! I'd like to work on tiny little 1880's or 1890's dresses, undergarments, coats, hats, nightgowns and bonnets for her out of my scrap bin - she's already an heirloom but if I could get a little trunk of things made for her she'd be something wonderful to pass on to any daughters I may have.

I'm terrible with naming things - do you have a suggestion for what I should name her?

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  1. she's lovely! i have a little repro set just like that, only i'm sure it's not actually period. someday i need to make her a body and then clothing! i also happened to get a really nice mid-19th century doll, but like yours she is missing some clothing!