Wednesday, May 26, 2010

He lost his keys.

He lost his keys...

Thrifted silk 1960's wedding dress and the sunset over the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


  1. hallo
    I dont know you
    but i wonder about your nice life with your baby
    is it true that you are happy
    if you realy want to be happy in every time every where
    just check about (islamic) to know the rhight way to the full happy life.
    good luck
    if you want to reply to me

  2. Hmm...Spam? Or not?

    Either way I'm going to confirm my joy and the grace that has been given to me through Jesus and say that I am truly happy and that while islam may be the "rhight" way to a full happy life, it isn't the right way. Especially for me.

    And I have no baby so perhaps this comment was wrongly posted on my blog? I've never had a person attempt to evangelize me through my blog before!